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This month in Sprouts

We see other works of art every day that have a Maker and a plan. We pass them on the street, at work, and every Sunday they play around our feet. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, people!

People are God’s works of art. He is our Maker. And, He has a plan for each of us. Every neighbor. Every preschooler. Every parent. God has a plan for all of us, because He made us and loves us.

We want to teach our preschoolers this month that God has a plan for them. And we can’t think of a better story than the life of Joseph.


Week one, we’ll introduce the idea that
God has a plan for me as we follow Joseph to Egypt, compliments of his older brothers. Joseph had to choose very early on in his life to trust that God had a plan for him.

Story Focus: God has a plan for me. Not only did God have a plan for Joseph, but He has a plan for each and every one of us too.


Joseph finds himself sitting in a jail for something he didn’t do. Talk about hard! But it’s during this time that Joseph learned to trust God’s plan, even when it is hard.

Story Focus: I can trust God’s plan even when it’s hard. We want our preschoolers to know that they will sometimes encounter hard circumstances—going to
a new school, making new friends, not getting to do something you want to do. But, God is with us and has a plan for us even when it’s hard.


During week three, we’ll learn that we are all a part of God’s plan when we hear how Joseph saved the grain, which in turn saved an entire nation from starvation.

Story Focus: I am part of God’s plan. We want preschoolers to know that each and every one of them is part of God’s big plan. What they do matters to Him, and they matter to Him.


Week four is a tough one, but oh so needed. We will hear how Joseph forgave his brothers for the hurtful things they had done long ago because he trusted that God’s plan is always best.

Story Focus: God’s plan is always best. Even when we don’t understand what is happening in our lives, we can trust that God’s plan is always best.