A special Night for Preschoolers and their families

Friday, May 19th | 6pm - 7pm

We're hosting a royal party for the one true King and you're invited!  Rummage through the dress up clothes and come dressed to impress.  This free one hour event includes games, activities, a royal feast (of snack size proportions), and a special Guest Storyteller (you really don't want to miss this one!) Everything is designed especially with your preschooler in mind.  

Questions can be directed to Nicole Wyrick.

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What is an FX?

FX stands for Family eXperience and is designed for both parents and kids to share together.  We do a lot of FX's here at different points during the year to cue you as parents to talk about the stuff of character and faith at home.  Plus they are an awesome amount of fun!  

We have a younger sibling, will they enjoy this?

We will provide nursery for little ones under the age of 2 if you would like to utilize that.  When you RSVP please make sure to indicate that you'll be needing childcare.  This is a preschool event but an older sibling will enjoy this as well.  

What is the cost of this FX?

This event is FREE (our favorite thing!) and an awesome opportunity to invite another family to come along with you.  We're excited to share with your family how God is the Good Good Father and the One True King we can always count on!