At Trinity, we believe in doing life together. It’s so important, that it is one of our core values. Within TWC Worship, one of our goals is to foster intimacy and intentionality by spending time together. Sunday mornings are a time to work, to bring the body of Christ together and experience the presence of God.

But it goes far beyond that - we are a family. What family grows closer together without taking a break from the mundane routines of life? If we don’t take the time to be more intentional, more vulnerable about our passions and struggles, then we will only be a worship team with no community. We have decided that it is vital to just sit and be with one another.

Our worship team isn’t just the people you see on a platform on Sunday mornings. We are dispersed throughout the church with other ministries such as the Treehouse, YouthQuake, Shift 56 and Trinity En Español. Simply to say, there are many different branches stemming from TWC Worship.

Team Night is a time to come together once a month and live in community with one another. We worship a lot, laugh a ton, and drink a lot of coffee! The cool part about our monthly team meeting is that anyone is welcome! The most important thing we hope for is that we come away feeling more refreshed, more loved, and excited about what God is doing in our church. We do life together.