I love my job.  I really do.  One of the perks of being lead pastor is that about every two months I get to step into the baptismal pool and baptize those who have decided to follow Jesus.  It just never gets old, and I love it. 

Here’s why I love water baptism:

•     I love water baptisms because I get to hear amazing stories of life transformation, and every story is unique.  Just this past Sunday we baptized seventeen believers ranging in age from 8 to 28, including lots of high school students who experienced real life change during our recent Youthquake Conference.  One of the most memorable moments for me was the note a 9 year old girl handed me just before she was baptized.  It was hand-written and 100% from her heart:  “Ever since I’ve accepted Jesus into my heart, I’ve felt calm, protected, and secure.  And whenever I’m scared I quietly tell myself, ‘God is with me, so I am safe.’  It makes me feel like I’m unstoppable.  I simply think that Jesus has given me an unbreakable suit if armor.  I feel that nothing is impossible and that God makes life easier for me.”  Every story is different, but they all have a common theme; “Christ powerfully and miraculously came into my life and I am a different person because of Him.”

•     I love water baptisms because I have the privilege of participating in the most basic step of obedience in a believer’s journey with Christ.  When I gather with new converts in the back hallway waiting for the worship service to begin, most are nervous, and that’s perfectly normal.  They’re going to be thoroughly dunked in a pool in front of hundreds of people, so who wouldn’t be nervous, right?  Some people aren’t used to being in water, and some have a real fear of getting into any body of water.  This is why at every water baptism I am inspired.  Nervous people are obeying Jesus in spite of any anxiety or fear.  So while we are waiting to get into the pool, I always tell them, “Jesus commanded us to baptize His disciples (Matthew 28:18-20), and today you are obeying Him. And before we go into the water, I want you to be sure to remember, Jesus always honors obedience.”  I love watching the smiles that rise up on the faces of every baptismal candidate as they grasp that assurance!

•     When I baptize a changed-by-Christ person, we all get to celebrate the fact that the Kingdom of God is winning.  When I watch a sporting event, I’m glancing at the scoreboard throughout the game to see how my team is doing.  When believers are baptized, we’re taking a look at the scoreboard and celebrating that the Kingdom of God is winning!  We’re not behind….we’re surging ahead!  So far this year, 200+ people have been brought to Christ as a result of the ministry of Trinity Worship Center.  That’s 200+ changed lives!  That’s 200+ stories of transformation!   When we baptize these new believers it’s our Gatorade moment, our victory lap, our reminder the cross is still powerful to save lost people, and the Kingdom of Jesus is winning! 

Did I already say this?  If I did, it’s worth repeating…. I love water baptisms and I love my job!